What can I expect?

What if remembering your traumas was about as emotional as reading your shopping list?

Yes, that is what it is like … you just won’t care that much about what happened in the past; because it is in the past.

Whilst you won’t exactly forget it ever happened, once the emotion is taken out of it you are left with a memory that does not negatively affect you. You may even find it boring to talk about because you have much better things to do!

You will remember what you need to remember though so don’t worry about that.  You will never forget that you may need to avoid certain situations or that a certain person is not to be trusted , but that is the future and you will do what is required…it’s different.

Physically you should be able to calm down, relax and feel safe. 

Your body will be able to stop reacting or going into ‘fight, flight or freeze” and calm down; you will be much more able to focus on the present and the future. If you have been ill you may find that symptoms reduce or disappear but of course I cannot promise that; everyone is different.

NOTE: Whatever happens you MUST NOT suddenly discontinue medications and treatments, it can be extremely dangerous  ... if you wish to wean yourself off certain medications you must do it with your doctor’s help.

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