Is what happened to me a ‘trauma’?

You know that is a really great question.

We hear a lot about war veterans and those who have experienced things like  an earthquake, a robbery or a murder. Then there is  rape and sexual assault; childhood abuse at home or in an institution. We’ve all heard about the disgusting levels of child abuse within the churches . However…not everyone who has these experiences is ‘traumatised’ by them…

Why is this?

You see, the thing about trauma, especially mental or emotional trauma, is that it is often ‘perception based’;  it is a trauma if you perceive it as traumatic or believe certain things about it. If you are one of those people who can let insults and verbal abuse roll off you then you are less likely to experience trauma, however most of us are not that way.

Imagine a small child being constantly told they are useless, stupid, bad and that everything is their fault. Imagine if a parent left their small child alone for hours on end; the child is likely to believe a number of things such as:

  • I am alone
  • they are never coming back
  • I must’ve done something bad
  • I am useless, unlovable
  • I deserve to be treated badly
  • No-one loves me

And the parent may not have even meant to be mean…it could’ve been an accident,  inadvertent, perhaps the child wandered off and got lost…it doesn’t really matter. If the child believes this is what has happened then it is real to them and those beliefs form who they are and the trauma is set; they are damaged.

This damage can have long lasting mental, national and physical effects…it is stored in both the mind and the body, can affect the way the brain develops,  and the child is more likely to be ill or have personal and emotional problems.


the answer to your question is YES…

Despise the fact that society may play it down as  ‘a normal part of life’ and you’ve probably been told to ‘just shut up and get over it‘, it is very likely that your experience was traumatic to you and has affected you negatively.

Let’s get that out of the way now with TRTP shall we? 

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