How do I know this is for me?

Well firstly, are you depressed, anxious or traumatised; unhappy and simply NOT thriving in life AND you want to feel, safe, happy, peaceful and alive?

Check out the following points…how well do they apply to you?

1. You’ve had a difficult time, either recently or sometime in the past…

A time that was perhaps never acknowledged, resolved or addressed properly and prevents you from living the life you truly want and deserve.This event  is called a trauma, and it is either emotional, physical or perhaps both.

2. You don’t know what to do about it…you’ve tried therapy before.

  • You may have ‘tried everything’ and yet haven’t seen the results or progress you want.
  • Perhaps  no-one has identified the true cause of your distress.
  • You are SICK of antidepressants, patronising professionals and endless ‘cup of tea’  therapy sessions where you rehash things over and over again.
  • It just makes you feel worse and it makes you feel wrong.
  • The real causes, and what’s worse, often the real perpetrators are swept under the carpet!
  • You’ve had enough of being blamed; of being told you are ‘just negative‘ and to Get. Over. It.

Don’t they think you would if you knew how?

3. The signs of trauma are many, yet they may be unrecognised…

As well as the anxiety, stress and depression, you may have physical effects. Traumatic events leave physical reminders.

  • You get stuck in fear, and ‘fight or flight mode’…this can make you tense, have an upset stomach, sweating or headaches.
  • You may have some other physical issue or chronic disease exacerbated, or even caused  by trauma
  • You are often ‘triggered ‘ by certain situations or people, so you have constant upsetting feelings or memories.
  • you may even have flashbacks… re experiencing it as though it is happening now.
  • Your brain could be physically different to that of a happy person, because trauma literally  affects your brain in a number of ways…
  • it cannot process the events and put them in the past where they belong.

No wonder you get depressed and can’t live normally!

4. You know that this is no way to live and that it can be different!

In addition to the emotional misery, and the ongoing effects of trauma that wear your health down into chronic illness, disability or disease; after you have suffered trauma of some sort you will almost certainly have taken on some unhelpful beliefs about yourself and about life that steer you away from the good life you want…

For Example:

  • ‘I deserve to be treated like dirt’.
  • I’m no good
  • the world is not safe
  • If you have these or other negative beliefs you will see them playing out in your life and people will treat you that way.
  • It seems so unfair – and it is, because they are not true.
  • You have a strong suspicion you’ve been duped, and in a way you have!
  • This can make you feel very angry, and why wouldn’t you be?

But there is a different life out there for you. You just have to believe…and dare to reach out and grab it.

5. It may be due to recent events or it may be from a long time ago – it doesn’t matter.

  • Trauma is not always a result of a huge life threatening event such as war, a serious accident or almost dying.
  •  It can also come from an accumulation of events throughout your life; from childhood through to the present, causing you anxiety, stress, anger or depression.
  • It could be a dangerous or traumatic birth experience, something like a sexual assault, a violent relationship, or
  • it could even be something that is seen as ‘normal’, such as feeling neglected when a sibling was born.

Whatever it was, it was something that had a powerful effect on you.

6. You felt powerless and diminished…unsafe and unloved

And you probably still do… and unfortunately, you took on some beliefs about yourself and about life; beliefs that are simply not true. They are powerful beliefs though, and as a result you may struggle with such things as…

  • anger, anxiety or depression
  • difficult or broken relationships
  • isolation, disconnection and loneliness
  • an unfulfilled or unsatisfying career
  • poor physical and mental health

7. You’ve tried to fix it!

  • You may have tried talking to friends and family but they don’t really understand and in the end  you feel that they don’t really want to know…
  • they’re sick of hearing it and it’s probably ‘all your fault anyway‘.
  • They may even be involved, or simply refuse to believe you!
  • Add anger, guilt and shame to the mix!
  • You may have been pushed to take medication you don’t really want, or
  • been to endless therapy visits, reliving the past yet getting nowhere…losing hope of ever being free.

You just can’t stop how you feel though, and eventually you get to the point of…Enough is Enough!


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