be free from depression and anxiety

Your Questions Answered…

How do I know this is for me?

Does it always work?

Is what happened to me a ‘trauma’?

What if I can’t remember anything?

What can I expect ? How will I feel afterwards?

What is HYPNOSIS and how does it work?


How Much Does it Cost?

I’ll answer that one right here:

  • Currently the program is only $800 for all three sessions – that is  $200 less than recommended, and it will be going up soon.
  • Please understand, these sessions are not your regular 50 minute sessions; they can be quite lengthy and require some preparation work for the client, and significant work and preparation for the practitioner.
  • We do offer payment plans – please talk to us if you require this.
  • If you need additional counselling or preparation work before you are ready to undertake TRTP, that is perfectly fine and available, but  it is not included in the program. It is done on a session by session basis.
  • If you choose to have further coaching on specific life issues, that also is a separate service …for example: you may want to learn some relationship skills and strategies once you have the past out of the way!

Do you have another question?

Please feel FREE to email us  and we’ll do our best to answer it, however all you really need to do is  Make a Decision!

Do you want to stay unhappy or do you want to LIVE?

CONTACT US today on 1300 131255 or email us to get started. 


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