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trauma hypnosis

 In order to be FREE 5 Things need to happen…

1. DECIDE you’ve had enough and you want your life to be better…to be FREE of it all

2. KNOW in your mind, body and soul that it’s 100% over and that you are finally SAFE.

3. REMOVE negative beliefs and ideas that have created a bad environment and a person you don’t even recognise. You’re not that person.

4. REVIEW negative past events from a very powerful position…a position where you are the boss.

5. CREATE A FUTURE and begin to live itsomething you have been invisibly blocked from doing.


Now the first one is up to you; with your full co-operation, we will help you with the rest.


This Trauma Healing Hypnosis Process is UNIQUE…

What’s Involved?

We use a process called “The Richards Trauma Process” (TRTP™)  normally delivered over 3 sessions, it is a groundbreaking, step by step treatment for trauma and associated issues that is increasingly used by psychologists, psychiatrists, hypnotherapists and counsellors alike.

TRTP™ utilises the state of hypnosis to access the unconscious mind and body where trauma is stored; and incorporates aspects of many different therapies in a dynamic, rich and sequenced series of steps, which, if separated would not be anywhere near as powerful. It is a process that allows the space for your individual needs to be met.

What TRTP™ is NOT.

TRTP™ is not cognitive or emotional focused therapy, exposure therapy, soma therapy.
It does not use CBT, EMDR, EFT, ACT etc. Nor is it based in any of these therapies.

There is nothing else like it and  it is completely drug free..

This is what you need to do:

If you are accepted as a client you will then:

  • Make your 3 appointments
  • Do some preparatory homework.
  • Attend your 1st session.
  • Attend your 2nd session 1 week later.
  • Attend your 3rd session one week after session 2.
  • Have a great life!

At the Sessions

All you need to do is sit down, relax, listen carefully and follow my lead; use your imagination and participate fully.

Are you Ready ?

If you are desperate to be free, and want to know more about how to stop suffering and get your life back using “The Richards Trauma Process” (TRTP),  then please contact us and organise a short initial session where we will speak in a little more depth about your situation and whether the program is suitable for you. This can be via telephone or Skype so location is not important .

NOTE: Please do not call and expect an on the spot information session, we are unable to do this; it does not allow us the time and space to give you the focus and attention you deserve. Instead, please explore all the information on this website then make a time.


If you are ready contact us here.

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