Simply not able to get past it despite having sought help?


Using the Richards Trauma Process (TRTP) we can do quickly what other therapies cannot …

It can fix the problem with:

  • NO re-traumatising
  • NO talking about it over and over again
  • NO endless months of therapy
  • NO drugs

Did you know …

  • Depression,  Anxiety and Unhappiness are too often related to unresolved (and often unrecognised) trauma.
  • You do not have to have a formal diagnosis of PTSD for this to apply to you.
  • Many people suffer from ‘cumulative trauma’, an accumulation of upsetting or distressing events over your lifetime that add up to TRAUMA.
  • This can lead to symptoms of depression, anxiety, and a stressful, dysfunctional life with poor health, broken relationships or career failures.

Learn how to recognise and overcome your trauma, deal with the root cause and live a normal life; even an extraordinary life.

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